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English teacher and language coordinator - Part-time contract F/H

  • Communication
  • 2021-55144
  • Hauts-de-seine
  • Contrat à durée indéterminée
  • Bac +5
  • Supérieur à 8 ans

We are currently hiring an English coach and language coordinator for the VINCI Construction headquarters.  This role will cover 2 specific areas: 

Teaching / Coaching:

  • English teaching:
    • Developing language skills through conversation and improving self-confidence.
    • Working on specific professional topics.
    • Coaching on subjects such as how to give a presentation in English, chairing or participating to an international meeting.
  • Specific coaching for punctual events (executive committee, seminars…):
    • Advising on the right language choices (speech, pronunciation, diction, vocabulary).
    • Organising mock presentations and rehearsing.
  •  Correcting and proofreading a selection of documents:
    • PowerPoint presentations,
    • Contracts,
    • E-mails,
    • Appointment notes,
    • Official communication documents.
  • Translating, consecutive interpreting and general language support in the context of international work meetings or punctual events such as international training programs. 
  • Language assessment for recruitment (e.g. international internship program / VIE). 
  • Learning program recommendations according to level and objectives.
  • General administration: monthly internal invoicing (summary of training hours completed per month to be sent to Merignac)
  • Language training coordination with YES'N YOU: dedicated contact for VINCI Construction. 
    • Centralise YES'N YOU evaluations:
      • for all new requests for English training
      • for a planned mobility abroad
      • prior to an E-CUBE roll-out
    • Follow-up/monitoring courses and students jointly with the YES'N YOU team (monthly meeting to review progress)
    • Report to YES'N YOU on any issue encountered by participants (connection problems, work overload, health, etc.)
    • Follow-up existing and past contracts and manage renewal process (with hierarchical agreement)
    • Notify the hierarchy in the event of persistent or exceptional problems (e.g. repeated students no show, possible extra cost for the company if failure when using CPF). 

Working for:

VINCI Construction and Eurovia France headquarters.

Ad hoc interventions for our companies or agencies.

Person specifications:

- You are a passionate teacher (Master level) with significant experience (at least 10 years), ideally in different environments, countries and/or companies.

- You are student-focused and flexible,

- You enjoy working in a team and collaborating with your colleagues,

- You have a good knowledge of corporate environments,

- You are motivated, open-minded, dynamic and creative, but also rigorous, patient and organized,

- You are bilingual and have experience of living and working in an English-speaking environment,

- You want to get involved in an entrepreneurial project and master modern software and collaboration tools.

Additional Information:

What we offer:

- Competitive compensation, according to profile,

- Flexible working environment (100% home office accepted with occasional travels for teaching/coaching missions).

- Part-time contract (3 days a week),

- Possible occasional travels.